We coined the term “Super Engagement”. It’s a new business behaviour, suited to dynamic times, which achieves absolute cut-through.


We help companies make more impact with their customers at those critical communication opportunities. Whether it’s the set piece red carpet sessions that form part of the big volume tenders with the supermarkets, internal brand briefings and conferences or the 1-2-1 buyer pitches that take place every day.

For many reasons, mainly time, cost and habit, most medium to large food and drink businesses still approach these major influencing opportunities in the same way they always have. Power up the black laptop and play the corporate Powerpoint.

This sound familiar?

We’re working with ambitious brands and progressive own label manufacturers to shift behaviours and make a significant impact to their customer sessions.

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Where would you place your business on the Super engagement graph? If it’s not quite where you’d like it to be - we can help.

By ‘super engaging’ your customers in a more memorable way, they will embrace your thinking and begin to rely on your ideas. We have developed a bespoke suite of tools that will help you to ‘super engage’. 


Super Engagement definition.

If the dictionary listed ‘super engagement’ (we believe it will, one day)

adverb: super noun: engagement plural: super engagements

1. The action of being engaged with in a memorable, meaningful and impactful fashion.

2. Engaging consumer, colleague and customer audiences by adopting a cutting edge communications approach that stands out against your competitors

synonyms: superior engagement, excellence in marketing, above and beyond, peerless, perfect, outstanding, exceptional, remarkable, stellar informal: tip-top, smashing, cracking; informal:on fleek comms.

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“Working with Rob is a real pleasure. He is an extremely good and experienced commercial strategist/marketer, he will always deliver. What sets him apart from the crowd, however, is his people ability. He has the all-too-rare knack of knowing how to join people to a common vision and inspire them to perform; and perhaps, not surprisingly, the collective end result is always more important to Rob than taking personal credit"

Paul Houlding Founder and CEO of Isobel (Award winning London Advertising Agency)